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About Airfree

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A Portuguese company created from father to son.

Airfree's story began with a father's concern for his son, who suffered from frequent allergic crises caused by microorganisms in the home environment. With years of experience in product design, Carlos Matias has developed an innovative solution with enormous health benefits for the child by eliminating the allergens responsible for respiratory allergies. 

This is why TSS (Thermodynamic Sterilisation System) technology, inspired by the boiling water sterilisation process, uses heat to purify the air, silently and without the use of filters, eliminating microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and pollen, among others. 

After successfully tested in a number of European laboratories, the production of the large-scale device began, so more families around the world could enjoy the benefits of this simple and effective concept. In 2005, Airfree launched its first products on the market - the P line of air purifiers, award winning and modern design. 

Since then, Airfree has grown all over the world, manufacturing in Portugal several models of purifiers, not only for domestic use but also for the commercial and industrial segment. Currently, the products are exported to more than 60 countries across five continents, improving air quality in homes, hospitals, schools, hotels, museums and historic buildings, such as Torre do Tombo in Portugal.


We combine the best technology and design. 

Airfree applies the same concept as that of boiling water by using heat to destroy microorganisms, thus attaining 99.99% air sterilization efficiency at Airfree’s air outlets.  The Thermodynamic TSS Technology silently destroys airborne bacteria, viruses, mould, organic allergens, and all airborne microorganisms at temperatures of 200°C, in a filterless operation.


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