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IFAM 3-in-1 Multi Potty Toilet Seat and Step Stool

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3-in-1 Multi Potty Toilet Seat and Step Stool provides toilet training for boys & girls from potty seat to an adult toilet bowl. This 3-in-1 Multi Potty will grow with your child as they progress in their potty training!

3-in-1 Potty Seat & Toilet cover for kids


Dimension of 3-in-1 Multi Potty & Toilet Seat Cover

Material - T30S / TPR / PU

More Details

Comfortable toilet seat for your child's little bum

Toilet seat cover for adult toilet bowl

Step stool to access higher toilet bowl and shelvings

When your child is comfortable, bowel movement will be quicker and more comfortable too!

3-in-1 Multi Potty Safety & Usage details

  • Toilet Lid cover for hygiene management after potty training
    Come with lid to cover your toddler's potty!
  • Urine prevention curve to prevent urine leakage
    Curve edge to ensure urine flow inwards into potty holder
  • Removable potty holder for easy clean up after potty
    Easy to wash - simply wash with water after clearing potty contents
  • Removable Fluffy PU cover for your child's bum comfort
    Removable PU seat cover for comfort and easy cleaning

3-in-1 Multi Potty Toilet Seat and Step Stool Safety

Each set comes with 4 pcs of Non-slip

Non-slip location on 3-in-1 Multi Potty


Components of 3-in-1 Multi Potty


Potty Training Tips

Step 1 - Introducing the potty seat to your toddler

Step 2 - Create rules & step by step instructions for them to follow through

Decorate their potty area - a pleasant environment helps during potty training too!

Reward them when they follow through your potty training steps!