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IFAM Child Safety Double Step Stool (Up to 80kg)

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First Double Step Stool with side safety guard from Korea

to help children climb easily and safely up and down the steps.

Existing step stools in the market require excellent balance from the child. Without parental supervision, the risk of your child falling over is high!

No more scary moments seeing your child use step stools without safety guard

Suitable for use with wash basin, bookshelves, toilets and more

Side safety hand guard + wider steps for a happier parent

When to Use

  • Brushing teeth and/or washing hands
  • Potty training on adult toilet bowl

Safety during potty training on adult size toilet bowl

  • Retrieving and storing items to/from storage taller than yourself
  • Act as sitting stool (support up to 80kg)


1st step is 10cm above ground and 2nd step is 23cm above ground - perfect for step up to basin, toilet bowl and cabinets.

Dimension of IFAM Safety Child Double Step Stool - H400 x W420 x H600mm

More Details

Clean white & grey shiny design perfect for all home

Practical application anywhere in the house

Comes with side safety support guard for peace of mind

Scaffolding structure for excellent weight support on Double Step Stool

Excellent finishing to ensure safety for kids usage

Cute Piya print characters on the support side panel

Curve design to fit alignment with adult toilet bowl during potty training

Light & Portable - easy to move around the house for both adult and kids to use

  • Easy grip side safe guard suitable for supporting smaller hands

Safety side guard for better balancing support for kids

  • Comes with 4x Circular non-slip pad to increase friction with any surface

4 x Circular Non-Slip Pad per set of Double Steps

  • Grooving and embossed surface to reduce slip

Steps come with grooves and emboss surface to increase fiction

  • Wider steps to support both adult and child usage

Wider steps for adult and kids support during climbing


    Components of 1 set Child Safety Double Step Stool


    Non-toxic & BPA FREE too!

    IFAM Play Yard, Play Mats & Storage Organizers are tested and proven baby safe by Korean, European & US certification

    • Made in Korea

    Non-harmful small black spot during manufacturing.


      • Product can be used for 1 year old or older and up to 80kg
      • Guardian supervision is required until child is ready to use alone
      • Assemble the products, tighten the nut tightly before using
      • Check and re-tighten the nuts occasionally to ensure nuts are tighten properly
      • Do not use near heat & fire
      • Be extra careful when using on watery floor
      • Do not use on uneven / tilted surfaces
      • Do not run onto or shake the product
      • Beware risk of accident for rough, inattentive usage