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IFAM New Moon Shiny Tent

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A cozy place for your little one to play, relax and express their emotions in a private space

New Moon Shiny Tent adds another dimension of fun to your baby play yard, kids play room, living room or outdoor. New Moon Shiny Tent is an excellent indoor toy that encourages creativity during your child's play time.

New Moon Shiny Tent can be used anywhere in your home or outdoor

Beside play time, the tent also provide your child a cozy & private space for them to express their emotions freely.


New Moon Shiny Tent Dimension - 90x90x150cm

New Moon Shiny Tent Dimension - 90x90x150cm

More Details

New Moon Shiny Tent Design Concept

Lightweight, Sturdy, Simple Pattern, Natural & Pastel Colours for use anywhere and everywhere

Key Features

Manufactured & design with kids safety in mind

Product Care

Cleaning Instructions

  • Tent fabric can be wiped with a wet tissue
  • Do not wash, iron, bleach and dry clean tent fabric
  • Air dry and avoid sunlight

Note When Using

  • Always use under adult supervision
  • To be assembled by adult as there are small foreign objects when assembling
  • Do not use near fire or heat source
  • Tent may be deformed or damaged when excessive force is applied
  • Tent may be torn when in contact with sharp objects
  • Do not lean or climb the tent
  • Do not shake or pull the tent as it may cause tent to topple
  • Keep it away from direct sunlight when storing
  • Long term exposure to sunlight will result in discoloration of fabric


New Moon Shiny Tent - Components & Assembly Sequence

Assembly guide for New Moon Shiny Tent in 5 steps