Maxi-Cosi - PriaFix Baby Car Seat - Madrid Red (0m-7y) (0-25kg) –

Maxi-Cosi - PriaFix Baby Car Seat - Madrid Red (0m-7y) (0-25kg)

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PriaFix is a new product of Maxi-Cosi's Pria range of baby car seats - It's design, appearance and colour schemes are very fashionable and popular amongst young parents of the 1980s and 1990s generations.

The product is made of secure material and upholstered in comfortable, skin-friendly fabric. To ensure the quality, PriaFix plastic parts are made of 100% raw materials (not recycled materials).

The Maxi-Cosi PriaFix can be used rearward-facing for infants up to 18 months, or 13kg as an infant car seat. It can then be converted into a forward-facing car seat easily for toddlers up to the age or 4, or from 9 to 18kg, and as a booster seat for kids up to 7 years or 25kg.


  • Ease Of Use
    • ISOFIX base is included with car seat
    • Installation into cars easily and fastens securely with ISOFIX tethers
    • The base allows easy installation and disassembly when converting seat from forward to rearward-facing
  • Comfort
    • 6 recline positions for absolute comfort - 1 rear-facing, 5 forward-facing
    • The seat uses Cool Baby™ Wicking Fabric with bamboo charcoal, keeping it cooling and fresh throughout
    • Convenient hooks keep harness straps out when getting baby in and out
  • Safety
    • The seat comes equipped with AirProtect side impact protection technology shields the child from harmful side impacts
    • Integral 5-point safety harness ensures the child buckles up safely and securely
    • The seat has a built-in steel structure that runs through its entirety and effectively resists impact when crash occurs, providing protection for the child's delicate body

Product Specifications

  • Recommended:
    • Age: Birth to 7 years
    • Weight: 0 to 25kg
      • Rearward-facing: Up to 18 months or 13kg
      • Forward-facing: Up to 4 years, or 9 to 18kg
      • Booster seat: Up to 7 years, or 25kg
  • ISOFIX installation base included
  • Air Protect side impact protection system - Protects from side impacts
  • Built-in steel structure - Effective resistance against crash impacts, providing protection to child
  • Cool Baby Wicking Fabric - Uses bamboo charcoal and keeps seat cool and fresh throughout
  • 6 recline positions - 1 rear-facing, 5 forward-facing